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Remember small business this holiday



Do you remember when you were a kid when banks where always locally owned and when you needed to buy something from a hardware store, you went to a local, small mom and pop shop? Remember when grocery stores were considered a small business? Every town used to have a dress shop, butcher, furniture store. All locally owned and operated, all considered mom and pop. Now instead of going to a local Pizza joint, people order from Domino's, Papa John's, etc. Instead of ordering flowers from a community based flower shop, people order from FTD, 1-800-flowers, Pro-Flowers, Teleflora and other order gatherers. Have you noticed how small businesses are being squeezed out? After watching the news and seeing people flock to big, box stores on Black Friday, it made me mad. I think people forget that small businesses are the back bone of a community. So, this holiday season, don't forget your local flower shops, local gift shops, independently owned business for gift giving occasions. Stop and think how many industries are now gone because we like the convenience factor of going to Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.